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Room Where I Get What I Want

Cover art by Josh Wallis.

Cover art by Josh Wallis.

Black Ocean, 2015

A house echoes with the footfalls of wild men running behind the walls in S. Whitney Holmes's debut collection, Room Where I Get What I Want. Here in the house that is not a house, Holmes destabilizes the architectural structure by relishing in the details: a German man build a mnemonic castle, a hero swallows a tulip bulb, a woman opens a book to place in its hollowed center a gun. Debating space and intimacy, power and pleasure, Holmes constructs a spellbinding education as erotically charged as it is dangerous.


by S. Whitney Holmes
Softcover / 96 pg. / Poetry

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A controlled chaos percolates within Holmes’s debut collection ... this poetry is a wild and captivating performance, one characterized by intimate sharing as much as a distance that leaves readers guessing.
Publishers Weekly
S. Whitney Holmes uses anaphora in ways that would make Ginsberg marvel and sigh. These poems repeat words and phrases as a shaman might if chanting to make a prayer heard in the supernatural realm. Holmes isn’t interested in the supernatural though. Instead, this poet wants to know if these incantations can lead to something physical, something made from the brick and mortar of words. This is a thrilling debut.
— Jericho Brown
Defiant and defenseless, seductive and cool, hyper-attentive and wishing for oblivion, these poems vibrate with a compressed ambivalence. The danger is manifest, but who could resist?
— Joel Brouwer
Don’t look for poetry that’s familiar here. These poets speak to us in a new life style, leading us forward, flabbergasting us with show-stopper lines you can surrender to, or die trying.
— Grace Cavalieri, Washington Independent Review of Books